Building Mutual Understanding Between Community and Police

When: February 19, 2020, 4:30 – 6 P.M. EST

Guests: Shari Silberstein, Latrina Kelly-James, & Al-Tariq Best

Host: Johonna Turner



How do you authentically recognize deep, historical trauma of communities, the trauma police face, and work collectively to foster collective responses to violence that are trauma-informed and build out sustainable relationships for healing and prevention of further trauma?

This webinar will discuss Equal Justice USA’s approach to the relationship between community and police in Newark, NJ through "From Trauma to Trust," a 16-hour training with community members and police to build mutual understanding of trauma. It will explore how deep conversations on historical trauma, and the trauma of officers, can foster trauma-informed responses to violence that are community-driven and reduce harm for those most vulnerable and marginalized.

Guest Bios

Shari SilbersteinShari Silberstein, Executive Director, has led EJUSA to become a national leader in the movement to transform the justice system from one that harms to one that heals. Under her leadership, EJUSA has helped end the death penalty in seven states, built conservative and evangelical coalitions for justice reform, secured state funding for healing services to families of murder victims, launched a model for training and dialogue between police and communities, and strengthened dozens of local organizations working for justice and healing. She has been a national voice in helping to break down the silos between criminal justice reformers and crime survivor advocates.


Latrina Kelly-JamesLatrina Kelly-James, Director, Training & Capacity Building, With a belief that those closest to the problem are the voices for transformation, Latrina Kelly-James has been working in local communities fighting for equity for those most marginalized. She strategizes the organization’s efforts in five cities, to bring together community and police to drive trauma-informed solutions to violence that include a collective of community, police, public and mental health to foster healing instead of punishment. Latrina does this work for her ancestors and her children.



Al Tariq Best Al-Tariq Best, EJUSA Trauma Network Member, Founder of The H.U.B.B. Al-Tariq W. Best has over 25-years of supervisory, operations management and multi-media experience. Best also has more than 30-years in the music industry as a performer, writer, and producer. Born and raised in the city of Newark, he would discover his “calling” to become a voice and change agent for today’s youth and their families, through his work as a community leader, activist, motivational speaker and mentor. In 2013, FPYOC launched The H.U.B.B. (Help Us Become Better), a Community Empowerment Center that utilizes a therapeutic, three-prong approach for youth in Newark’s five wards: Entertain, Educate and Empower to identify and address the impact of violence and victimization on a community.. Mr. Best is a New Jersey New Jersey Representative for National Crime Survivors, Safety and Justice, a Victim Advocate, Mentor and a Youth Advocate.