Terrell's Story of Resilience, Renewal, and Reintegration: from Anger and Pain to Healing and Passion

When: January 19th 2022, 12- 1:30 p.m. EST

Guest: Terrell Mosley

Host: Tarek Maassarani



Terrell Mosley shares his inspiring story of leaving the system and supporting others to do the same through his work in re-entry and reintegration. "I grew up living the fast life with a lot of anger, pain, and resentment. After spending my early adulthood in the system, a lot of self-reflection and healing drove my passion to work with people whose paths got thrown off track. I look to reach as many people as I can. Together through this vehicle of mediation services, I look to make a positive impact on our community." In this webinar, you will learn how Terrell's reentry mediation program works with formerly incarcerated people before, during, and after their release to constructively address conflict in their personal lives and living situations, as well as other models for restorative justice-based parole and reintegration.

Guest Bio

terrell mosley

Terrell Mosley is the Re-entry and Reintegration Coordinator at Susquehanna Valley Mediation in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The Prison Mediation program aims to create stronger, healthier communities by addressing conflicts between those incarcerated and those in the community they are returning to. It was designed after a series of intensive listening sessions with formerly incarcerated people and service providers, and is a direct response to needs that were identified in those listening sessions. Terrell grew up in Milton, PA where he still lives with his family. He has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. He has two children in college, one in high school, and a toddler who keeps him very busy. Terrell also helps to care for his 82-year-old grandmother who has dementia.