Finding Partnership: Community and Police in Pursuit of Restorative Justice

When: February 25, 2015

Guest: Jennifer Larson Sawin

Until this last summer, Jennifer Larson Sawin served as Executive Director of Communities for Restorative Justice. C4RJ is a unique community-police nonprofit partnership founded in 2000 and operating in the Greater Boston area. The unique initiative has engendered widespread regional interest; C4RJ now serves 13 police departments and communities with requests for expansion continuing apace. In addition to leading the expansion of C4RJ for six years, Jennifer has been working to pass restorative justice legislation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In this conversational-style webinar, Jennifer will talk with her mentor, Howard Zehr, about this program and its growth, the dynamics of community-police collaboration, what she has learned through this experience, and the experience of advocating for restorative justice at the state level.