Opportunity and Danger: Implementing RJ in Existing Systems

Guest: Catherine Bargen, Aaron Lyons and Matthew Hartman

Host: Howard Zehr

How do we maximize the opportunity of restorative justice while staying true to its core values? In this webinar, Just Outcomes Principals Catherine Bargen, Aaron Lyons and Matthew Hartman will explore important elements for consideration in the implementation of restorative justice within existing criminal justice systems. Where do we begin when considering such an implementation? Is it more important to focus on program development or culture change? How do we avoid potential co-optation by the system, and how do we recognize these moments? How do we balance the need to actively frame the purpose of restorative justice for listener’s understanding with maintaining integrity toward the philosophy? What is the role of leadership and champions in the process? These questions and more will be explored through presentation and dialogue with webinar participants.