Massive Resilience: An Emergent Strategy for Equity, Justice, and Liberation In Schools & Communities

When: Feb 17, 2021 04:30 PM EST

Guest: Dr. Ram Bhagat

Host: Dr. Kathy Evans



Our speaker, Dr. Ram Bhagat, has used this approach to guide the design and implementation of restorative justice practices within Richmond, Virginia’s public schools. His approach integrates trauma healing, the visual and performing arts, reflection and action on racialized historical harms and student-led efforts for racial and restorative justice. Massive Resilience is an emergent strategy for equity, justice, and liberation based on the principles of unity, self-determination, purpose, and creativity. Massive Resilience is a transformative mindset centered around the philosophy of Ubuntu, which promotes a sense of deep connection, compassion, and care within the hearts and minds of students, teachers, parents, staff, and community members. Massive resilience is also based on the philosophy of Sawubona, which shows members of a school/community how to see each other with respect, dignity, and mutual concern in order to create pathways to self-healing and love. This emergent strategy consists of a set of practices that encourage collective work and responsibility, because everyone can contribute something unique and beneficial to their community.

Guest Bio

Ram Bhagat

Ram Bhagat is currently serving as Manager of School Culture and Climate Strategy for Richmond Public Schools. His primary role is to envision, design, implement, and evaluate trauma responsive practices and mindfulness based restorative practices throughout the division. He is committed to working with school leaders and community partners on an emergent strategy for equitable and just learning environments for all students. His efforts are centered around healing community with rhythm, transforming In School Suspension to a system of In School Supports, and decreasing the disproportional impact of exclusionary discipline practices.