The long road that bends towards justice – RJ and the work of diversity, equity and inclusion

When: October 21, 2020 - 4:30-6:00 pm (EDT)

Guest: Sidney Morgan, Red Sea Road Consulting LLC,

Host: Carl Stauffer, Co-Director of the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice and Associate Professor of Justice and Peacebuilding

Restorative Justice requires racial equity to fulfill its purpose as a philosophy and spiritual practice, of the communities of color that it was birthed from and will remain with. As we often say in RJ work, we must begin with truth-telling. We must also begin there as it relates to RJ work. We will discuss what the work of Restorative Justice can offer to the on-going conversations and actions around whiteness (as a social construct) and racial justice.  I'm excited to share with you my experiences that have been in supporting organizations engaging in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work. We will also discuss how RJ and its practices can play a role in what Bryan Stevenson says, is "The long road that bends towards justice". 

Guest Bio

Sidney MorganSidney Morgan was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Portland, OR in April 2000.  Sidney Morgan has been studying and working in Restorative Justice and Racial Equity for 17 years. She began her Restorative Justice journey in Juvenile Justice with Multnomah County in Portland Oregon.  In her time with Multnomah County she worked in several positions that involved Restorative justice work.  At the same time, she became certified in Conflict Mediation and facilitates on-going mediations and Restorative Processes with families, neighborhood and Organizations. She spent 10 years with the Juvenile Department and came to work for Portland Public Schools, in Portland, OR.  She spent 5 years training, coaching and supporting whole school staff throughout the district in building in Restorative Justice Practices, as part of their school climate work. While at PPS she was introduced to CCCAR, (Courageous Conversations about Race Protocol) from Pacific Educational Group and became Practitioner Affiliate.  The protocol became the “road map,” to offering a visual way of seeing race equity in Restorative Justice. Sidney is currently CEO of Red Sea Road Consulting, where she works with organizations around EDI work, and Conflict management, including Restorative Justice work. Sidney does this work with organizations from around the country. Sidney is an adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark University, in their graduate school of education, teaching 2 courses on Restorative Justice for educators.