Restorative Justice in Education: Learning From Students

When: April 22, 2015

Guest: Anita Wadhwa, students

Host: Kathy Evans

The Restorative Justice Collaborative of Houston is piloting restorative justice at the Academy of Choice (AOC), a non-traditional high school which offers blended learning, small classes, night school, and virtual programs. After a conflict occurs, students sit in a circle – a practice rooted in indigenous cultures worldwide. Participants can only speak if they are holding a small object called a talking piece. With the support of teachers, youth-facilitated healing circles are utilized so that students and staff can address their qualms with one another. These communication skills allow participants to hear another’s point of view and to share their own, coming up with a mutually agreed upon solution to restore relationships. Our broader goal is to disseminate the practice of restorative justice throughout Houston schools and in the juvenile justice system. In this webinar, youth leaders in the program discuss the pitfalls and successes associated with instituting an alternative form of discipline and community building.

Anita Wadhwa is the Restorative Justice Coordinator at theAcademy of Choice in Houston, TX, and founder of the Restorative Justice Collaborative of Houston. She will be joined by some of her students in the RJ program at Academy of Choice.

Kathy Evans, Assistant Professor of Education at EMU, will facilitate this webinar.