Webinar: Follow-up Seminar: How do we use Restorative Justice to transform a culture of sexual harm?

When: 11 April 2018 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Guest: nuri nusrat, Jenny Poretz and Robert Howard

Host: Johonna Turner


Cost: $36 per registrant

This follow-up session will provide an opportunity to talk with the presenters of April 4’s webinar, in more depth about RJ approaches to sexual harm. Unlike a regular webinar, we will use a phone and video conferencing platform that will enable you to interact with the seminar leaders and other participants. Participants will have the opportunity to ask additional questions that emerged after participating in the April 4 webinar, as well as discuss your issues with others. This online seminar requires a minimum of nine registered participants.

About the April 4 webinar: nusrat, Poretz and Howard will discuss their experiences talking with young people about sex and sexual harm, more generally, in ways that call forth accountability but also address the structural and cultural roots of sexual harm in our society. Poretz and nusrat have facilitated restorative community conferences around sexual harm between young people and Howard has facilitated circles with young people addressing where they learned about sex and sexuality. Using their experiences, during this discussion we will grapple with some of the hard questions about addressing sexual harm while surrounded by a culture of patriarchy, homophobia, and messaging around sex that does not prioritize consent.

Their discussion with us will explore:
• ways of thinking about sexual harm that guide their work
• snapshots of a case, highlighting the models and practices they apply, and
• foundational principles, values, and ethics.

Guest Bios

nuri nusrat is dedicated to supporting folks in building relationship, healing, and resolving harm. For the past few years, she collaborated with communities across California to implement pre-charge restorative justice diversion programs. These programs attend to victim-identified needs and support young people arrested for crimes through processes that upholds the humanity and dignity of all affected. Prior to this, at the Federal Public Defender Death Penalty Project, nusrat assisted attorneys’ presentations of their clients’ life histories. In the past, she also worked on cases regarding people denied disability benefits, people facing removal from the U.S., and on record expungement. In recent years, she has been learning about community responses to child sexual abuse. nusrat’s family history inspires her to empathize with and support people harmed and people who have done harm. nusrat holds a J.D. from American University and an M.A. in ethnic studies from San Francisco State University.


Jenny Poretz holds a deep commitment to social justice that is intersectional and addresses the individual and systemic root causes of harm and crime. Her work is dedicated to bringing about healing and sustainable change that centers those most impacted, their families, and communities. She comes to Impact Justice with over four years of experience working with and supporting young people directly impacted by the criminal legal system. Most recently, Jenny worked at Community Works West as a Restorative Community Conferencing Coordinator within its pre-adjudication youth diversion program. There, she facilitated restorative dialogues between young people who had caused harm and the people directly impacted by that harm. These dialogues provided a transformative space for the young people to be accountable for their actions and repair the harm they had caused. Prior to that, Jenny worked as an Intake Interviewer/Court Liaison at Esperanza, an alternative-to-incarceration program for young people in New York facing jail sentences in Family Court, Criminal Court, and Supreme Court. Additionally, Jenny has worked on a suicide and crisis hotline and continues to gain experience organizing for racial and economic justice. A native New Yorker, Jenny earned her B.A. in Global Studies with minors in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Vermont.


Robert J Howard III is a dynamic inspirational speaker, restorative justice trainer & practitioner, group facilitator, and a conflict mediator. Since 2005, Robert has been facilitating multiple youth and community human relations programs. He has been a speaker/presenter at numerous conferences and workshops nationwide including the National Conference on Community & Restorative Justice as well as Mediators Beyond Borders Conference. Starting in 2012, Robert served as restorative justice coordinator Reid Continuation High School before starting at Santa Monica High School in Southern California as well as facilitating countless RJ trainings for school employees and community statewide. He started The Love LLC, a company whose aim is to produce quality educational and entertaining music & products for the young children in our lives to enjoy. A jack-of-all trades, Rob also enjoys making music, videography, and shooting portraits.